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Celebrating 30 Years of Accomplishments at IDEXX
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Celebrating 30 Years of Accomplishments at IDEXX

It was a treat for me to join old friends at IDEXX recently to celebrate the 30th anniversary of a company I founded 30 years ago.  Growth over that timeframe from a bold idea to a staff of nearly 6000 worldwide is testimony to what can be accomplished by a group of talented and committed people. 

Click the link to read the history of IDEXX:  The IDEXX Story

There’s so much to be proud of at IDEXX:

  • Transformative products and services that create exceptional value for customers and address important issues in the world
  • Worldwide leadership in its businesses
  • A company culture that emphasizes innovation, collaboration, ownership mentality and other “great company” values
  • Exceptional long term value creation for shareholders
  • An attractive work environment that has enriched the lives of thousands of IDEXXers and their families

After nearly 20 years as CEO of IDEXX, I led the way in building a next-generation leadership team in 2003.  History shows that leadership transitions from founders can often be difficult, but the transition at IDEXX has been a big success.

Congratulations to the entire IDEXX global team for its amazing success, and best wishes for great accomplishments in the future.

This film was made as a tribute to our musical celebration in July.

Click through the gallery below:

For many of us on the founding leadership team, IDEXX was an adventurous journey of exploration and discovery, tackling the challenging issues of envisioning and building a great company. It was my first business experience and an unexpected departure from my previous work in public service and strategy consulting. Working as a team we sought to design an exceptional experience for colleagues, customers and other stakeholders. From the start the team was committed to being the best in the world in our business, and attracting the best and brightest talent. We studied the DNA of successful businesses and sought to incorporate “great company” qualities into everything we did.