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Curiosity Retreat: May 2014
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  • 2014

David Shaw attends inaugural Curiosity Retreat: May 2014

The inaugural Gateway Canyons curiosity retreat in May delivered an intimate opportunity to address some of the world’s most compelling issues, ranging from the mysteries of our vast universe to the future of nanotechnology and computing, the genetics revolution, the potential of the human brain, global food/water/energy sustainability, and geopolitical challenges.

The design of the retreat allowed participants to explore topics in detail and inspire each other with assistance from eminent scholars, thought leaders and content experts.

Below is a link to some further reading and insight on these retreats:

I serve as a founding advisory board member for Curiosity Retreats and led a session on challenges facing global oceans. Click on Curiosity Project eBrochure to learn more.

In addition to fascinating discussions of critical issues, the Gateway retreat offers great opportunities for sports and recreation, art, and music.  It was a treat to watch the new film “All the President’s Men, Revisited” with Carl Bernstein, and to play a duet with the great Charles Yang:

Gateway retreat founders John and Maureen Hendricks were outstanding hosts.  Their automobile collection is stunning!  Check it out:

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