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Monaco Blue Initiative and IUCN gathering 
  • 28
  • 03
  • 2023

Monaco Blue Initiative and IUCN gathering 

by David Evans Shaw

This year’s 14th annual Monaco Blue Initiative March 19-21 was a special time for those of us who are activists for global ocean stewardship.  Weeks earlier United Nations delegates had reached an historic agreement on protecting marine biodiversity in international waters … the “High Seas.” 

This and other recent ocean stewardship initiatives reflect increasing recognition of the importance of ocean health to life on Earth. As founding chair of the Sargasso Sea Alliance, the Aspen High Seas Initiative, and as an Ocean Elder and IUCN Patron of Nature, I’ve had the honor of collaborating with a growing global community of ocean activists in leadership roles for high seas stewardship.  It was gratifying to gather with colleagues in Monaco to celebrate progress and plan further efforts to meet daunting challenges of our times, for a sustainable future.

Our gathering in Monaco  addressed a wide range of important initiatives ranging from sustainable fisheries, and marine protected areas, to restoration of marine ecosystems and global ocean governance needs.  Special congratulations to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation for its leadership including the announcement last week of a new fund for sustainable ocean inititaives.

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