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Maine Angels & Institute for Family-Owned Business
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  • 2021

Maine Angels & Institute for Family-Owned Business

David Shaw has joined Maine Angels, a membership-based organization comprised of a diverse group of talented individuals helping entrepreneurs by investing in and mentoring innovative early stage companies in the Maine.  Since its founding in 2003, Maine Angels has invested over $28 million in more than 50 companies.   Information on portfolio companies can be found here.

This statement by Maine Angels Chair Emeritus Sandra Stone exemplifies the motivation of many members:    “I thrive on collaborating with my colleagues in investor, mentor, and advisor roles as I enjoy learning with and from them, sharing our stories, and building off each other’s energy and ideation.” 

Shaw has also become a member of Maine’s Institute for Family-Owned Business.   Formed in the early 1990s, the Institute is a comprehensive resource for family-owned business, serving business owners, executives and employees through a wide range of continuing education programs, networking opportunities and consulting services.   More than 80% of businesses in Maine and America are family-owned businesses and these businesses are responsible for well over half of employment and GDP globally.  

David Evans Shaw is a prominent Maine-based business and social entrepreneur with extensive global leadership experience in science-based companies, investment management and social impact NGOs.   He has helped build more than a dozen successful technology companies as a CEO or board member. These companies, including IDEXX and Covetrus in Maine, employ more than 15,000 people worldwide, and harness modern science to address important needs in healthcare and other markets.

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