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Shaw Innovation Explorers Program Launches with UNH
  • 28
  • 01
  • 2021

Shaw Innovation Explorers Program Launches with UNH

By David Shaw

It’s a pleasure to announce the launch of the Shaw Innovation Explorers Program at my undergraduate alma mater,  the University of New Hampshire.

Our intention is to support creative and innovative UNH sophomores through funding and experiential learning that will benefit participants in entrepreneurial careers.

Looking back on my time at UNH I am deeply appreciative of the opportunities I was given, While my academic performance wasn’t stellar, my experience strengthened my conviction and capabilities to seek game-changing opportunities through a life of purpose-driven exploration, discovery and curiosity. I learned how important it is to challenge conventional thinking and to ask ‘what does great look like’ in the quest to create exceptional value in the world. I found that attitude, persistence, adventurousness and courage were often the most important qualities for producing great outcomes and a fulfilling life. With this new program we will help students better harness the power of these success factors.

The announcement of this program by UNH can be found here, the program website is here.

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