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2014 National Geographic Explorers Symposium
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  • 06
  • 2014

David Shaw attends 2014 National Geographic Explorers Symposium

This year’s National geographic Explorers Symposium was full of inspiring stories of exploration and discovery.  Bryan Christy and others discussed their efforts to expose and curtail the devastating illegal trade in exotic pets and animal parts such as ivory.

Alberto Navo, Lee Berger and other explorers presented on their amazing journeys to discover and decipher archeological clues that help us understand the past. Cory Richards, Shabana Basij-Rasikh and other risk takers inspired us by pushing boundaries in mountaineering, education and other realms. We heard from “planet warriors” about daring environmental protection efforts, and from exceptional thinkers about transformative moments of discovery that enriched their lives. A session on “food for thought” addressed the health of the planet and its people. My friend Brian Skerry was recognized for his outstanding photography and insightful portrayal of ocean ecosystems.  National Geographic CEO Gary Knell was an outstanding host.

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