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Sapphire Energy: Growing Green Hydrocarbon Fuels
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  • 2013

Sapphire Energy: Growing Green Hydrocarbon Fuels

As world energy demand continues to expand and hydrocarbon fuels come under increasing pressure, new sustainable energy sources are needed.   

Sapphire Energy was founded to develop a price-competitive, renewable source of energy that benefits the environment, hastens energy independence, and is compatible with the world’s existing network of pipelines, refineries and transportation systems.

That ambitious goal is now being realized via pilot scale production of algae based fuels. Sapphire has built a proprietary platform to convert algae into a renewable, sustainable and scalable source of energy, also known as Green Crude.

Millions of years ago ancient algae blooms transformed into the crude oil we use today. Taking a cue from nature, Sapphire has applied advanced biotechnology and modern farming techniques to create a platform to produce Green Crude oil from algae in just a matter of weeks.

I have served as a director (2010 – March 2014) and consultant to Sapphire Energy.

In March 2014, the Sapphire CEO and I presented on algae-based fuels at World Ag Investment conference in Abu Dhabi.

In November 2013, I presented the transformative power Sapphire algae biofuel technology at Harvard Kennedy School 20th annual conference on Public and Private Scientific, Academic and Consumer Food Policy Group (PAPSAC), led by my former colleague, Prof Ray Goldberg.

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