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Second Century Stewardship
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  • 06
  • 2016

David E Shaw to launch Second Century Stewardship program

by David E Shaw

On the occasion of the historic 2016 centennial celebrations of Acadia National Park and the US National Park Service, I have collaborated with several organizations to launch a “second century stewardship” program, to be launched in Acadia National Park on June 25th.

Founding collaborators include the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park.  I serve as a Trustee of AAAS and of the National Park Foundation.

This collaboration is intended to more powerfully engage science in America’s national parks to benefit park stewardship and to encourage public engagement in science through park experiences.

I have produced a film to launch this collaboration, and a short film trailer for “Second Century Stewardship” can be viewed here, as well as the full 41 minute film, and one of ten segments from the film.


Second Century Stewardship from David Shaw on Vimeo.

Full Length Film:

Second Century Stewardship from David Shaw on Vimeo.

Peregrine Falcon Segment:

Second Century Stewardship – Peregrine Falcons from David Shaw on Vimeo.