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David E Shaw joins MIT Media Lab Director’s Circle
  • 27
  • 03
  • 2024

David E Shaw joins MIT Media Lab Director’s Circle

By David Evans Shaw

I’m pleased to share news that I have joined the Director’s Circle of the MIT Media Lab, headed by Dava J. Newman, former deputy administrator of NASA.

This advisory council plays an integral role in support of the Media Lab’s vision to invent a better and more just future by, with and for all.

Founded in 1985, the Media Lab is an interdisciplinary creative playground rooted in academic rigor, comprising dozens of research groups and initiatives working collaboratively on hundreds of projects.

The Lab’s vision is to create transformative technologies, experiences, and systems to benefit society and to enable people to reimagine and redesign their lives.

This short video provides an overview of the Media Lab.

Among our many research focus areas is a group focused on Future Worlds, to secure a sustainable future for all living things. I’m happy to share the introductory video about Future World.

The MIT Media Lab
The MIT Media Lab