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Centennial Science Day, Acadia National Park
  • 16
  • 07
  • 2016

Dr. Sylvia Earle and David E Shaw at Centennial Science Day, Acadia National Park

by David E Shaw

It was a pleasure to share the stage with my friend and dive buddy Dr. Sylvia Earle to highlight important issues on science day at Acadia National Park.

We sought to emphasize the compelling case for employing modern science for park stewardship in the next century.  We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity to understand the world through science, and to employ that understanding to benefit future generations.

A news account of our park-science event can be found HERE

The trailer for the Second Century Stewardship film can be found HERE

The recently launched Second Century Stewardship project announced it’s first research fellowship program, supporting the work of Dr. Abbey Paulson to explore how global change phenomena drive shifts in community compositions. Dr. Paulson’s research incorporates environmental DNA, bioinformatics, and population genetics to assess landscape connectivity and local drivers of species assemblages to  inform conservation and management of threatened ecosystems.  Click HERE to learn more about Dr. Paulson’s work.