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Curiosity Retreat 2016
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  • 2016

David Shaw presents Second Century Stewardship at Curiosity Retreat 2016

by David E Shaw

The October 2016 Curiosity Retreat in Gateway Canyon explored issues ranging from the future of the brain and virtual reality, to mankind’s genetic odyssey, the nature of the universe and lessons from US presidents.

I discussed the US national park centennial and our recently launched Second Century collaboration to expand science IN and FOR national parks. Our film launching Second Century is available on our streaming video on demand service, Curiosity Stream. I showed excerpts from the film at the retreat .

Among all of the fascinating discussions I was pleased to have an opportunity to get the perspective of master historian Doris Kearns Goodwin on leadership qualities of her favorite US presidents.

The retreat included a meeting of the Curiosity Project advisory board, and an update on continued growth of content and audiences.

Watch the Second Century Stewardship excerpts:

SCS for Curiosity Retreat from David Shaw on Vimeo.