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Awe Inspiring Redwood Forests and National Parks
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  • 2021

Awe Inspiring Redwood Forests and National Parks

by David E Shaw

Wonders of nature can inspire the powerful human emotion that we call awe.  Scientific studies have shown that awe can boost our feelings of connectedness, positive thinking and gratitude, and help us feel part of something much greater than ourselves. 

Redwood Forests create a sense of awe

As a leader in the 2016 US national park centennial celebration, I was inspired to support the celebration of awe-inspiring places by creating the Second Century Stewardship program for science to inform wise stewardship and education in these parks.  

A recent visit to the redwood forests of Northern California provided another opportunity to experience wonders of nature in the context of exploring ways that science can benefit future stewardship.  I produced this short film to capture this experience: