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UNH announces Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame
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  • 2018

UNH announces Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame

by David E. Shaw

On September 6, the University of New Hampshire announced 5 initial members of its newly created alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame.  I am honored to be included in this group with the hope that our experience will inspire others.  

The announcement from UNH included this statement:

“Entrepreneurship runs deep in the DNA of UNH with more than 10,000 alumni who founded, co-founded, or run their own companies,” said Ian Grant, executive director of the ECenter and chair of the selection committee. “To be able to recognize and celebrate their successes and contributions is an honor.”

I look forward to celebrating this golden age of entrepreneurship via the induction ceremony at the annual innovator’s dinner on campus in Durham, New Hampshire on October 4, 2018 

My experience as a social and business entrepreneur is documented on this website: