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Supporting Running Tide to scale climate solutions in the ocean
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  • 2021

Supporting Running Tide to scale climate solutions in the ocean

by David Shaw   

As an advisor and investor in Running Tide, I am excited to share what this start-up in Maine is working on. Put simply, they grow and sink kelp in the open ocean to remove carbon from the ocean and atmosphere. By utilizing photosynthesis, currents and gravity, Running Tide is offering one of the simplest and most effective carbon removal solutions currently available.

In addition to removing carbon, Running Tide is deploying their solutions in coastal environments to restore ecosystems that have been destroyed. These ecosystems serve as natural carbon sinks, furthering the ocean’s capacity to remove and store carbon for long periods of time.

As more individuals, companies, and governments look to achieve net-zero and other climate positive targets, the demand for quality negative emissions and scalable restoration services continues to expand. Using industry expertise and advanced technologies, Running Tide is on a mission to  “run the oil industry in reverse”  to fight climate change at the necessary scale.

My support of Running Tide builds on decades of experience in building science based businesses. And it correlates with leadership roles I’ve played  in stewardship of the natural world through the National Park Foundation, Second Century Stewardship, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Ocean Elders, the Aspen High Seas Initiative, the Sargasso Sea Alliance and other endeavors. 

More information about Running Tide can be found here