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Covetrus Capital Markets Day
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  • 2019

Covetrus Capital Markets Day

by David E Shaw

As board chair of Covetrus and as co-founder and chair of Vets First Choice, I’m pleased to report that the combination of Vets First Choice and Henry Schein Animal Health to create Covetrus Inc closes this week.   We hosted a Covetrus capital markets day on February 4 to present the company to the investor world. 

The new company will be a leader in the ~$150 billion global animal health market with game-changing technology to improve veterinary medicine.  Covetrus launches with a staff of more than 5000 people serving some 100,000 veterinary practices in 25 countries. Proforma combined revenue for 2018e is approximately $4 billion.

Local Maine news coverage can be viewed HERE

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