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Tuna Tagging for Remote Monitoring
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  • 2017

Tuna Tagging for Remote Monitoring

by David E Shaw

A new generation of technology offers unprecedented opportunity for remote monitoring of global oceans and sea creatures.

This technology will play a key role in our recently launched initiative at the Aspen Institute to bring better stewardship to the world’s high seas.

In November 2017 I traveled to Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia, in maritime Canada, to get first hand experience in a bluefin tuna tagging project designed to track the movement of these animals along vast migration pathways. Data generated from the tagging program can benefit protection efforts for threatened fish populations and the marine ecosystems that they inhabit.

We produced this short film to share our experience with others interested in understanding how new technology can benefit ocean stewardship.

BLUEFIN! November, 2017 from David Shaw on Vimeo.