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David Evans Shaw appointed Advisor to Just Capital
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  • 2020

David Evans Shaw appointed Advisor to Just Capital

by David E. Shaw

It’s an honor to join the Advisory Board of Just Capital supporting the belief that  business can be and must be a powerful force for good.  Our mission includes this statement:

At $19 trillion, the U.S. private sector is four times the size of government and 40 times the size of private philanthropy. Building a more just economy that better serves the needs of all stakeholders is an essential step in pursuing true prosperity for all, and address our systemic problems at scale. Restoring trust in capitalism requires us to think differently about how we do business. About how we invest. About how we make decisions, as consumers, as workers, as community members. It invites new ways to talk about, measure, and incentivize business behavior. It demands that we do a better job of aligning how companies, and investors, define success.

Just Capital is an organization of capitalists committed to stakeholder capitalism.  We are an independent non-profit organization that tracks, analyzes, and engages with large corporations and their investors on how they perform on the public’s priorities. Our research, rankings, indexes, and data-driven tools empower all market participants to help build a more just economy.  

My relevant experience includes leadership roles in building prominent, entrepreneurial, science-based companies, serving on the faculty of the Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and public service in non-profit organizations including the National Park Foundation, The Jackson Laboratory, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.   

More information about Just Capital can be found here:

And this recent Sustainability Forum news release provides a perspective on why business can be a powerful platform for change