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Celebrating Team USA: The United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum
  • 07
  • 01
  • 2022

Celebrating Team USA: The United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum

By David E Shaw

Amidst the COVID pandemic, a remarkable new museum has been created to celebrate Team USA Olympic and Paralympic athletes.  The 60,000 square foot US Olympic and Paralympic Museum (USOPM) in Colorado Springs is dedicated to America’s greatest athletes including their compelling stories, artifacts and media.  As a founding member of the museum’s board of directors I’m proud of our mission to honor Olympic and Paralympic values of friendship, respect, excellence, determination, equality, and courage.  

Since opening in 2020, the museum has won accolades from many sources for the outstanding visitor experience it delivers as well as its novel and inclusive design. 

In these challenging times, the museum helps us focus on inspirational stories of greatness demonstrated by Olympic and Paralympic champions.  While the museum showcases greatness that finds expression in sports, there is much to inspire everyone via appreciation of the mindset and personal practices that lead to great achievement.

I’m pleased to share this short film about our new museum, focusing on the pursuit of great achievement and the role that Olympic and Paralympic championship stories can play as inspiration to all of us to be our best selves.  

View film here: