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Sages & Scientists 2019
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  • 2019

Sages & Scientists 2019

By David E. Shaw 

I am grateful to Alice Walton and Deepak Chopra for inviting me to speak at the November 2019 Sages and Scientists Symposium at Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.  In my last appearance on stage at Sages and Scientists in 2016 I shared my experience of overcoming a life threatening brain injury: viral encephalitis.

At this year’s symposium, I joined others in addressing the future of sustainability and environmental stewardship.   My remarks included a perspective on the great importance of protecting a far greater percentage of Earth’s terrestrial and marine ecosystems, to benefit the well-being of future generations.  My involvement in these efforts has included leadership roles in ocean conservation, the U.S. national park centennial, and a program to enhance science for stewardship in the next century – called Second Century Stewardship.

Beyond the need to protect marine and terrestrial systems, the Second Century Stewardship program seeks to reimagine parks as classrooms and laboratories, and to foster far greater understanding and appreciation of nature in support life on Earth.  Our experience has shown that the lens of science can inspire a sense of curiosity, exploration, and discovery for park visitors, that leads to a greater sense of caring and stewardship to address the environmental challenges of our times.

Excerpts from our panel discussion at Sages and Scientists can be found here, together with the film I shared at Sages and Scientists.

The full Second Century Stewardship film can be viewed here.

About Sages and Scientists Symposium

The symposium curates the world’s pre-eminent health & wellness experts, academic researchers, technology trailblazers, thinkers, and philosophers to open a ground-breaking dialogue that explores the frontiers of integrative health, humanity, and consciousness. The mission of the event is to facilitate synergy across a wide-array of expertise and witness some of the world’s greatest minds in healthcare, neuroscience, cosmology, physics, psychology, humanities, and spirituality tackle the toughest questions to reveal the future of well-being, humanity and the cosmos.