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David Evans Shaw appointed to Nautilus Advisory Board
  • 30
  • 07
  • 2021

David Evans Shaw appointed to Nautilus Advisory Board 

By David E. Shaw

It’s an honor to join the Board of Advisors of Nautilus, an award-winning media company that addresses important issues of our times from the perspective of leading thinkers in science, culture and philosophy. 

I have long benefitted from great Nautilus content for issues that matter to me, and I look forward to contributing to Nautilus in domains where I have relevant experience including life sciences, healthcare and the conservation of nature as outlined in THIS BIO

Via discussions with my friend and Nautilus publisher John Steele, I expect to initially focus my advisory work on opportunities in neuroscience, and ocean health.  As chair emeritus of The Jackson Laboratory, treasurer emeritus of AAAS, and as a survivor of viral encephalitis, I have a great deal of first-hand experience with advances in modern neuroscience.  My experience in ocean health matters stems from leadership roles in global marine protection initiatives including the Sargasso Sea Alliance, high seas stewardship, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Ocean Elders and the US National Park Foundation.  

For more information about Nautilus please follow THIS LINK, and I hope that you will share my enthusiasm for this remarkable resource.