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David Shaw accepts governance award for Vets First Choice
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  • 2018

David Shaw accepts governance award for Vets First Choice

by David E Shaw

As co-founder and board chair of Vets First Choice (VFC), it was an honor to represent the company at the 2018 Private Company Governance Summit on May 17 in Washington DC, where we were recognized for governance excellence.   VFC was honored with several other companies for the quality of our board governance including composition and strategic value of the board of directors. 

I accepted the award on behalf of a board that has provided a strong and thoughtful governance framework for the company’s exceptional growth from an idea in 2010 to nearly 800 people today.  Via a combination announced in April, the company is expected to add thousands of team members later this year, and the governance framework for that is moving into place.  

My personal governance experience has spanned a number of successful public and private technology companies, and I’ve had the opportunity to address governance issues as a faculty member at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and as a board member of prominent non-profit organizations including the National Park Foundation, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, The Jackson Laboratory and Maine Medical Center.  I currently co-chair the Aspen High Seas Initiative at the Aspen Institute. 

It was gratifying to participate in last week’s summit where the importance of great governance was explored and celebrated by governance experts and private companies across America.  

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