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AAAS report: What We Know – the reality, risks and response to climate change

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  • 2014

The reality, risks and response to climate change

Amidst extensive evidence of human-caused climate change, AAAS recently published a report intended to help inform debate and policy about this matter of great global importance.

The March 2014 AAAS report entitled “What we know” is aimed in part at addressing a disconnect between public perception and scientific knowledge about climate change.  Surveys show that many Americans still believe that climate change is a matter of scientific disagreement.  The AAAS report documents that there is a high degree of agreement among climate scientists that human-caused climate change is real.  The report is not intended as another review of scientific evidence for climate change.  Instead it seeks to present perspectives on an increasingly urgent issue.  Key points include:

  1. scientists agree that climate change is happening
  2. the consequences are potentially vast and disruptive
  3. opportunities exist for risk reduction
  4. delaying decisions could increase costs

One of many perspectives on climate change for me is the destructive impact on ocean health and coral reefs.  The impact on global food, water and agriculture could also be dramatic.  So I’m pleased that AAAS and many others are finding ways to present evidence and choices in support of more sustainable policies and practices.

Download the PDF for further reading: AAAS-What-We-Know