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David Shaw supports Music as Medicine

by David E Shaw

I have come to believe in the powerful health benefits of music therapy because of the role that it played in my recovery from a serious brain injury (viral encephalitis) over the past several years.

In that context I am pleased to have become an investor and advisor , joining a recent financing in Sync Project, a new venture creating musical treatment programs for important medical conditions. I join an extraordinarily talented team of scientists, engineers, clinicians and artists dedicated to “making music medicine”.

Sync is launching personalized music aimed at applications ranging from sleep and relaxation, to fitness, cognition and neurological disorders.  A recent article about “Music as Precision Medicine” as well as a podcast episode from Exponential View can be viewed HERE

My own experience over the past several years has included playing music, helping to compose music soundtracks for my films, and creating sonic environments to support wellness and productivity. Some of this experience was captured in this interview on Maine Public’s “Music that Moves Me” program:

Music that Moves from David Shaw on Vimeo.

I have had the opportunity to share my experiences with other audiences including a neuromusic conference in New York City and a keynote address to a recent creative health summit. The New York City conference included presentations by advocates of music therapy including:

Daniel Levitan, author of This Is Your Brain on Music
Adam Gazzaley, Executive Director of Neuroscape
Mickey Hart, percussionist, The Grateful Dead

Music therapy is likely to be included in a new institute for integrated mind and brain wellness at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital. My recovery from viral encephalitis served as inspiration for the new institute which was announced at the 2016 Sages and Scientists Symposium hosted by the Chopra Institute.

More information about Sync Project can be found HERE

It was an honor to have the soundtrack for my film Second Century Stewardship be recognized at the Blue Ocean film festival.