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Nanoscale Machinery
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  • 2015

David E Shaw invests in Nanoscale Machinery

by David E Shaw

One of the game changing technological revolutions of our times is the emerging ability to precisely manipulate matter at the atomic and molecular level to fabricate novel macroscale products.

Novel nanotech products and devices appear to have a vast range of applications ranging from medicine, electronics and biomaterials to energy production and consumer products.   The transformative nature of the nanotechnology revolution has ignited a global race to seek leadership in this emerging field of science.

Last year I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Eric Drexler, who has been called the “founding father of nanotechnology”. Dr. Drexler’s recent book, Radical Abundance, predicts that rapid scientific progress in atomically precise manufacturing will radically change the world through the power to produce far more effective products at lower prices.

Following the meeting with Dr. Drexler, we invested with friends in a private nanotech company called NanoMech. NanoMech is a world-class manufacturer of advanced materials and innovative products, with breakthrough innovations in lubrication, coatings, machining and strategic military applications. Headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas, NanoMech nano-engineers and nano-manufactures products that provide new and increased functionality for extreme performance, efficiency and sustainability. We are pleased to be supporting the inspirational vision of CEO Jim Phillips and his team at NanoMech.


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